Academic Resolutions 2017

2016 was a big year. I defended my PhD in May, and the final months of becoming a doctor where as painful as everyone warned they would be. I said goodbye to my remaining Ithaca friends and moved west to Boulder. Big things. I continue to process what it means to be an early career woman scientist in a post-truth era. Meanwhile, I attempt to be productive as a postdoc and work to advance my career, whatever that even means. Let’s all say an expletive filled goodbye to 2016, and welcome 2017 with resolve. I’m generally not a fan of New Year’s resolutions, but a few 2017 academic resolutions feel particularly appropriate. Drum roll, please.

  • #250 papers in 2017, because #365papers is probably pushing it. Idea came from this post on academic resolutions by @JacquelynGill from last year. I’ll be keeping track of my progress here.
  • 20 blogs posts in 2017. You’ve heard it before, but now it’s in writing.
  • EBIO Diversity Discussion Group. Myself and members of CU faculty, postdocs, and grad students are organizing a diversity in STEM discussion group for the Spring 2017 semester. The goals of this group are to educate ourselves on best practices for promoting diversity and inclusion in STEM, to document resources, and to ultimately improve our personal practices to create a sustainable diverse and inclusive community. I’m really excited to be a part of this.
  • Super Secret Awesome Project. I’m collaborating with a group of badass feminist women scientist BFFs on a scicomm project. I can’t wait to share it! Launching mid-January.

Peace out 2016, let’s do this!


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